In Balance Sober Living Experience In Balance Sober Living homes do not provide any behavioral health services, rather they are rental properties where recovery and sobriety are encouraged. All behavioral health services are provided off-site through In Balance Counseling Services. In Balance Sober Living homes have different "Menu" Options, the options are chosen by the client prior to arrival and are able to be changed upon request. The fees differ for each option chosen.
In Balance Sober Living's Monthly Rent Includes the Following (as requested by the resident): -Every other week individual therapy with a therapist or counselor through In Balance Counseling Services
-Weekly group meetings with a therapist or counselor through In Balance Counseling Services
-Every other week parent updates
-Weekly drug testing and breathalyzer test
-Enforcement of an agreed upon curfew: -12:00am curfew unless cleared by house manager
-1:00am curfew unless cleared by house manager
-No Curfew (if deemed appropriate by House Manager)
-The help and guidance of an onsite House Manager who is experienced in Recovery
-Enforcement of General house rules
In Balance Sober Living has the Following Options provided by In Balance Counseling Services(at an Additional Cost): -An additional weekly individual therapy session with a therapist or counselor.
-Family therapy sessions (on phone or in person) with a therapist or counselor.
-EMDR therapy with a Master's level therapist
-3 group therapy sessions a week in a Intensive Outpatient Program
-Family or individual equine therapy with a Master's level therapist
-An additional weekly parent update
-An additional weekly drug test (2x a week)
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    Optional Therapy Services Included in your monthly rent is optional individual therapy every other week provided by In Balance Counseling Services. There are many other services available at a low, additional cost. These services include family therapy with a Master’s level therapist, Equine Therapy, EMDR trauma therapy and weekly individual therapy with a Master’s level therapist. You may also request two drugs tests a week as opposed to once a week and parent email updates.
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    Optional Intensive Outpatient In Balance Sober Living residents have the option of signing up for In Balance Counseling’s Intensive Outpatient Program. "We opened our Intensive Outpatient Program in 1996 and it quickly became one of the largest, most trusted outpatient providers in Arizona. Our Intensive Outpatient program is located only 10-15 minutes from the Sober Living homes and is contracted by most insurances." If you do not have insurance, or it is one of the few that do not cover IOP then our residents are given a 20% reduced rate.
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    Drug Testing/Breathalyzer The live-in house manager will conduct random, weekly urine drug screens. He also can conduct a breathalyzer test if warranted. If the drug screen comes back diluted or appears to be tampered with the house manager will request a hair follicle test. The resident can request, at an additional cost, to be drug tested 2x a week as opposed to only once. The drug tests are not meant to catch anyone but rather are there as a deterrent. We want to put as many obstacles between our residents and using drugs or alcohol.
In Balance Sober Living Homes

We have two fully furnished Sober Living Homes located near Speedway and Country Club. Both homes have been remodeled and have updated kitchens and bathrooms. Both homes also have great common areas for BBQs and get togethers. We provide very nice living arrangements and extra support for less money than most apartments in Tucson charge for rent in order to provide recovery support for those who need it. Each Sober Living home is ran by a house manager who is someone working a very strong recovery program and there as not only a community member but also to help support the residents and make sure rules are followed and responsibilities kept.

Palo Verde House
Our Palo Verde House is specifically designed for an adult in recovery
-It is a 5 bedroom house allowing for four residents and one house manager.
-It has a nice walled in front courtyard with a chiminea and a great front porch for relaxing.
-The backyard has been recently updated with a huge back porch, a wide open lawn and a ramada that has built-in benches and a huge built-in BBQ. It is a wonderful space for sober get togethers.
-Both bathrooms have been remodeled and feature vessel sinks and artistic showers.

Edison House
Our Edison house is designed specifically for a young adult
-It is an 8 bedroom house (has two buildings that share a courtyard) allowing for 7 residents and one house manager.
-The front main house has a gigantic remodeled kitchen with granite countertops and all new appliances. Even features two refrigerators and a gas stove.
-The front main house has wood floors, three bedrooms and two baths, with a flat screen TV in the living room and an XBox 360 and Playstation 3
-The back house has 4 bedrooms and a huge double vanity sink bathroom that has been remodeled. The house has been newly tiled and each room has its' own AC unit to stay nice and cool.
-The courtyard features two covered sitting areas, a BBQ, and a ping pong table.

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    12 Step Community In Balance Sober Living believes in the 12 steps of Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous for a very simple reason: we know it works. We provide a live-in house manager who has 4 or more years of sobriety and that works a very strong 12 step program. This house manager is there to show you the best meetings in town, to introduce you to other people working a strong recovery program, and provide daily 12 step support and guidance.
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    Brotherhood One of our goals at In Balance Sober Living homes is to surround you with like-minded individuals, who are of similar age and motivation, that want to be and stay sober. There is a brotherhood that forms in recovery and the houses are a great place to cultivate this brotherhood. It is a common occurrence to see roommates invite others who are in recovery over for BBQs, to watch football games, or to study the big book. Recovery and In Balance Sober Living homes do not just provide you with roommates, they can provide you with life long friends.
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    Tucson Community "Tucson inspires a sense of freedom among all who visit. Freedom of thought and expression. Freedom to discover and explore. And the freedom to be yourself. Tucson is calling you, the free thinker and the free at heart, to explore without boundaries. Our natural landscape draws visitors outdoors where there is plenty of room to roam. A bit off the beaten path, Tucson’s unique attractions and accommodations beckon you to discover and explore and our arts and culture scene make Tucson a place that’s authentic and comfortable. Savor the unapologetic passion for food that inspires Tucson’s cuisine, or come as you are and experience our vibrant nightlife. An oasis from the unoriginal and pretentious, Tucson is a place that you want to be. Let Tucson inspire the free spirit in you."
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